Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Screenshot 16: Ketsui Death Label

Ketsui Death Label (Nintendo DS) Cave 2008

Cave is known for their danmaku, or bullet hell, shooters. Until recent iPhone ports, no Cave game was ever ported to a handheld. In 2008, the elusive Ketsui was kinda ported to the DS with Death Label. Why do I say kinda? Well the game is basically a boss rush mode, with only one regular stage that requires super skills to unlock. The game looks great on the DS and the music is awesome. It is a very fun game in short bursts, and has plenty of unlockable content.  The game is very expensive to buy and good luck even finding it as Death Label was given a low release run. If you do find it, get ready for a kick ass danmaku on the go. The real port of Ketsui exists on Xbox 360 in Japan.


ShellShock said...

Wow, didn't know this was on DS. So is this a full game or a sort of demo?

Lee said...

It is a full game but its more or less a glorified boss rush.