Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random Screenshot 07: Rockstar Table Tennis

Rockstar Table Tennis (Xbox 360) Rockstar Games 2006

Rockstar Table Tennis is a strange release. Rockstar Games is mostly known for the Grand Theft Auto series, and more recently Red Dead Redemption. However, during the early days of the XBox 360, they took a break from making action sandbox titles to give the world the best ping pong sim ever. Rockstar Table Tennis has super realistic graphics that stand up to the best looking games on the system, and it features excellent table tennis physics for those who care about that kinda thing. The AI can be challenging, almost too challenging. The game is also infamous for having a few brutally difficult achievements, but that shouldn't deter anyone from checking this title out. It is a wonderful multi-player experience, and it can be found for dirt cheap. 

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