Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Screenshot 08: Seaman

Seaman (Dreamcast) Sega 1999

The Dreamcast had plenty of quirky games, but Seaman was by far the strangest one. In the game, you raise a small man-faced creature in an aquarium till it reaches maturity. When the game starts, Leonard Nimoy guides you on the correct way to raise your Seaman. As it evolves the creature gains some human qualities and via a microphone attachment, it gains the ability to talk with the player. The Seaman creatures are very rude in conversation. They like to ask personal questions like your birthday date and then make terrible jokes about it. Seaman also makes note of the Dreamcast internal calendar. If you are chatting with him on a Saturday night, he may ask why you don't have a girlfriend. My favorite part: if you talk shit to Seaman, he will talk shit right back to you; how cool is that? A sequel was released in Japan for the Playstation 2. Sadly, the follow-up was never released in the US.

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